Add a website


1. Click on My websites and then click New website.



2. Enter the website name

3. Enter the URL to the website

NOTICE: Remember to set the correct HTTP setting.

4. Now you can fetch the unique implementation script that you need to add to your website to be able to use Symplify.




You only need one script per second-level domain. Your second-level domain (SLD) is the name of your website. We recommend having one script for all your top-domains (.se, .dk, .no, .com, and if you only want to do your experiment on one of those you set this up in Audience. 


You can implement the same script for all these domains;


The example below will not work because it's a whole different second-level domain.


Setup the script to handle multiple top-level domains with one script

How to target similar pages on multiple markets (top-level domains)






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