White page solution

If you do not have the possibility to add the Symplify implementation script to the top of the <head> tag or experience flickering for some reason, you might want to use our whitepage solution.

It needs to be added at the absolute top of the <head> tag to work as intended, but only weighs 1.8kb and is hosted by our reliable CDN partner Cloudflare.

The script to add before Symplify and at the top of the <head> tag is:

<script src="https://cdn-sitegainer.com/test/whitepage.include.min.js"></script>

Always make sure you try this out on your website for all the main browsers before you put this code in production as it hides your website while it's loading and shows it when it's ready ( Reaches "Document Ready" state ). Issues with this script might lead to your visitors seeing a white page when loading your website.




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