Project menu options



Notice that the project menu options will differ based on project type


Edit - Opens up the editor for this project

View result - Shows statistics for this projects (if it has been active)

Preview - See how this project will look before you activate it. Notice that the preview bar won't be there when live.

Form result - See collected data of survey or popup

Duplicate - Make a copy of the selected project

Activate / Pause - Set your project live or pause (stop) it

Archive - Adds your project to the archived list so it won't show in normal listing. This can be unarchived later if needed.

Delete - Removes your project permanetly

Schedule - set a start (and if you want a stop) time for your project.

Change webiste - Change website for this project. Note: This might make changes stop working if the new website has a different structure.

Change URL - Change where (URL) the editor (and preview) should open your project.

Change name - Change project name

Logs - Shows status changes to the project

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