Creating a multi-step Survey


A multi-step Survey is created by adding pages in the Form widget. To be able to step between these you need to add buttons with conditional actions.



We've created a follow-up question on a new page in the form.



We also create a thank you page that the user will see after they submit the Survey.



Now we need to set up the logic for these pages. We start off by editing the button on the first page. To do this we click Edit on the button and then go to the action tab and add an action for this. Then click the three dots and then Edit. This will open up actions for this button. Here we add a response. In this case, we will set the response to be Go to page, and then we choose Next. We save the changes and then go to the second button to set up the action for this.



For this button, we add a response where we choose Submit form and then add another response where we set it up to go to the next page. This will make the popup show our Thank you page after the form has been submitted by the user.




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