What is an Audience

The Audience setting lets you decide what visitors you want to target in your experiment. In other words, on what page your experiment should be run and for who.

Audience is set up by one or multiple statements that need to be fulfilled by the visitor for him/her to be exposed to the experiment. This also decides when your experiment should run (E.g. when your A/B test changes should be executed)


A simple example;

Say you want to A/B test the Start page of your website. Then you only want visitors that actually visit that page to be a part of the experiment. The easiest way to make sure of that is to set an URL statement with a Simple match in your Audience settings (see image below).

This will make Audience TRUE only if a visitor visits the start page (in this case https://symplify.com) and your experiment (in this case, your A/B test) will be executed. 




When you have set up your Audience it is important to test the Audience to make sure that your Audience is only TRUE where you want it to be true. Otherwise, your experiment may cause problems with other parts of your website.

Click here to read more about how to set up an Audience.



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