How to target similar pages on multiple markets (top-level domains)


The top-level domain (TLD) specifies what type of entity your organization registers as on the internet.
".com" is used by a lot of commercial entities. It's also very common to have a top-level domain per language/country. For example, the Swedish version of the website might have ".se", Norway ".no" etc. The global website might be ".com" and then you get redirected by your location.

If you have a website with multiple top-level domains and you chose to have the same Symplify script on all of them (which we recommend), you might want to run experiments on just one (or a few) top-level-domains you need to set this up in Audience.

Example 1

You want to run an experiment only on Product Detail Pages (PDP) on the Swedish and the Finnish market (and not on the other markets).

You do this by adding the statement that should apply on both first. So in this example, we've added a Page Content statement that targets an element that is unique on a Product Detail Page (PDP).

Then we need to add a new If block to be able to do an OR between the two URL statements. So we add an If block and then change the match operator to Match one of in the If block dropdown and then add the URL statements. 

This Audience will read:
IF Page Content consists of an element with the class name product-header AND the URL Contains either OR

NOTICE: The example above will target Product Detail Pages (PDP) on the Swedish and the Finnish markets (top-level domains). If a visitor visits the Norwegian website ( and goes to a PDP Audience will be FALSE because they do not match the set Audience.


Example 2

You want to run an experiment only on Product Detail Pages (PDP) but on all markets (top-level-domains)


Here you only need to add the Page Content statement to target Product Detail Pages (PDP).

NOTICE: This Audience does not contain the URL check for markets (top-level domains), and will therefore be TRUE on all Product Detail Pages (PDP) on all markets (top-level domains).



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