Use the correct Audience mode

For the Audience to work correctly on a dynamic website we recommend using Manual activation mode. This means that you tell Symplify when Audience needs to be (re-)evaluated. The default setting is On load so you need to change this.



The default Audience mode for the website is set in website settings. Go to My websites -> click the website -> choose Edit website. Then scroll down to the Audience setting and select Manual activation and hit Save. From now on all your (new) projects will use this mode. If you already have created a project before changing this you need to change the audience mode for that project manually. You do this in the editor for that project under Settings -> Audience mode.

To be able to use this mode you need to implement a callback.


If you aren't able to implement the callback that is necessary for Manual activation mode you can try to use the mode On load & URL change. See info below.


On load & URL change

If you aren't able to add this callback you can try to use our second mode and see if that works for your website. This might work well if your URL changes when the visitor navigates, however, the Audience might be evaluated too fast (before the content has loaded) or too late (which can cause "flickering")

Please make sure to open up a preview for your project and check that your changes work on navigation between pages where Audience should be true and pages where Audience should be false, and vice versa. If this doesn't work well, please use Manual activation mode (see above).



Doing changes on dynamic websites



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