My Heatmap won’t show

Do you see the heatmap menu bar?

If you do you can jump to I can't see any data in my heatmap. If you do not get the heatmap menu bar please go through the following questions;


Do you allow popups?

Heatmaps open up as a popup so you need to allow popups in your browser. Usually, the browser will tell you that it has blocked a popup and ask you if that is the correct setting.


Do you have the correct parameters in the URL?

Some websites do not allow parameters starting with a specific character. If you can't see any heatmap parameters try to change the starting character and see if it works better after that. You do this by clicking My websites -> click the website that your heatmap is set up for -> click Edit website -> change parameter sign and hit Save. Now try to open the heatmap again.


Do you have parameters in the canvas URL?

If you do get the heatmap parameters you can check if the URL you've added as canvas URL contains its own parameters. This might mess with loading the heatmap correctly so please remove the parameters from the canvas URL and save and try to open the heatmap again.


Are you sure the implementation script is on the page you've set up as the canvas?

Please check that you have the implementation script on the specific page of your website that you've set as a canvas. To do this try opening a preview of that page. You can do this through the heatmap settings popup (see image). If you get a preview bar and you do not have our chrome extension active you will know that the script is implemented and working.



Have you tried to open the heatmap in another browser?

If you can see your heatmap in another browser maybe you have a browser extension that collides with our heatmap in some way. Please try to close all browser extensions and try to open the heatmap again.


Do you get any errors in the console in your browser's dev tools?

If none of the above solutions work you can open up the browser's dev tools and check the console for error messages. You do this by right-clicking in the browser window and then clicking on Inspect. This will bring up the browser's dev tools. You then need to click on the Console tab and check if there are any error messages that can explain why the heatmap does not work.


Have you set up a cross-domain in website settings?

Make sure that you haven't set up a cross-domain URL that has the same top domain as the website you are creating projects on. This will make the script fail.

Example: Do not enter as a cross-domain to The same script will work for both without one set as cross-domain.

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