How to create a goal


Click the Goals button in the editor to open up the Goal settings.



To create a goal click the Create new goal button.



You now get a popup that prompts you to enter a name for your goal and also allows you to add an optional description for this goal.

In this example, we want to track clicks on Add to cart on Product Detail Pages (PDP). We enter Add to cart (PDP) as the name for this goal and also enter a description for this goal: Registers visitors that click on the Add to cart button on the Product Detail Page.

Enter your goal information and then click on Create goal when you are done.




Now you get to set up your goal. You add statements that need to be fulfilled by the visitor for the goal to register. Click on Add to add a statement.



You now have a lot of standard statements to choose from. In this example, we want to track clicks on Add to cart so we click the Interaction statement.




We now enter the CSS selector for the Add to cart button and then click Apply & close to confirm this.

If you want to combine this with another statement you add a new statement that also has to be true for the goal to be registered.

For example, you might want to check that the visitor is on a specific URL when the click happens. You can then add an URL statement and enter the URL (or parts of it). This will make the click goal only register if the visitor is on a page that matches your URL statement.

In our example, however, we are certain that the CSS selector only exists on PDPs so there is no need for an URL check. So we click Save in the top right to Save our goal. 

We can now return to the goal listing by clicking Return to goals or we can close the goals settings by clicking the x. We click Return to goals to view our goal.



Here we see the goal we created and can now add more goals if we like or close the goals settings if we are satisfied with only this goal (KPI).




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