Implement the callback

By default, Audience is evaluated on page load. This, however, does not work on a dynamic website where content is changed dynamically (without reloading the entire page). 

For Audience evaluation to work correctly on a dynamic website you need to tell Symplify when to (re-)evaluate the Audience. This is done by calling symplify.newPage(); both on the first load and then every time content is changed on the site.

if(typeof symplify !== 'undefined') {
} else {
  document.addEventListener("symplify-loaded", function(e) {


This callback needs to be implemented in your code. To cover "content change" the callback should be placed at the same spot you probably added the event push for Google Analytics that tracks Page Visits. This however might need to be tweaked if this turns out to be too late (you experience "flickering" in your projects) or if Audience is evaluated before the content has changed, resulting in a faulty Audience evaluation (Audience becomes true/false when it's not supposed to because it's evaluated on the previous content).


When this is implemented you need to change to the correct audience mode in your project




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