Can't open Editor with Chrome extension

If your website URL consists of multiple subdomains ( for example: ) and/or a top-level domain with a second-level domain ( for example: ) our Chrome extension's URL check might fail. In other words, it won't find a matching URL and the Editor won't load.

To fix this you can try to manually set the website ID in a session cookie.


Follow the instructions below on how to do this;


Go to My websites -> search for your website and then mark and copy the website ID.



Then go to your project and click and select Edit.

If you get the "Install Chrome extension" popup then edit website settings and select assume script. Read how to do that here.

Once your website has loaded open up the browser's dev tools. You can do this by right-clicking anywhere on the website and choosing Inspect. You can also hit Ctrl + Shift + J (on Windows) or Ctrl + Option + J (on Mac) to open dev tools.



If you aren't in the Console tab please click that tab. Then copy and paste the following command but change the numbers ( 1234567 ) to the correct website ID;

document.cookie = 'sg_ext_manual_script=1234567';

Now reload the page where you opened the editor and it should load properly.


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