Adding a Teaser


If you want to be less intrusive with your popup then you can add a Teaser that is more subtle and shows a message that intrigues the visitor to click it and see the full popup.

The teaser is sticky and will be visible for the visitor at all times (depending on Audience settings) after it appeared in your preferred manner unless it is closed by the visitor. 



To add a teaser to your popup/survey project go to the Design tab and then click on Teaser option. Then select Show teaser first and Save changes.



Now click on the Teaser tab and you will see that a default teaser has been added. You can now click on the three dots to the right and choose Edit to set up the teaser you want.



When you have set the design for your Teaser you can head back to the Design tab to set up how and where you want this to appear. You will also find a couple of additional style settings here and also the design settings for the close button.



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