How to save/load a goal template

If you have set a Goal that you know that you want to use in upcoming projects you can save this as a template. 



To do this simply click the three dots next to the save button and choose Save as template. 



This will bring up a modal where you get to name your Goal and also enter an optional description of this. Notice that this will already be populated by the information you've given when you created your goal. So edit this if you wish and then click Save to save your goal as a template.



You can now re-use this goal in a new project by clicking Load template.



This brings up a list of your goal templates. You can now load this goal in your new project by clicking the cog icon and then Load. You can also multi-load goals by checking the checkboxes to the left of the ones you wish to load and then clicking the Load button in the bottom right.




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