Script execution mode (Privacy level)

For legal reasons, it might be necessary to prevent the script from loading fully (tracking visitors and/or setting any cookies) until consent is given by the visitor. We offer different options for how the script is executed to support different types of privacy levels (see below). Please check with your legal counsel to decide what's appropriate for you.

Note that we are fully GDPR compliant and do not collect or store any personal data, but due to the ePrivacy Directive you might need to choose a different execution mode than the default one.


Script execution modes (privacy levels):

Default: The script run the projects and starts tracking visitors straight away. Cookies are used to keep track of visitors and project information.

Tracking consent: The script run the projects and tracks the visitor but does not push the data to our database until we receive a request for this through the optIn callback (called upon visitor consent).

Cookie consent: The script prepares in the background but does not run any projects or track any visitors until we receive a request for this through the optIn callback (called upon visitor consent).



Regardless of privacy level, the implementation script needs to be loaded as fast/soon as possible for the best performance.



On visitor consent please activate the script by calling the following function. This will also set an optIn cookie that will make the script launch directly from now on.

if(typeof symplify !== 'undefined') {
} else {
  document.addEventListener("symplify-loaded", function() {

Notice that you also need to check if consent has already been given but the optin cookie (for some reason) does not exist and in that case call the optIn function. 



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