Integrating with Voyado

To be able to send Popup/Survey data to Voyado you first need to set up the connection. This is done on a website level.



Go to My websites -> click on the website -> Edit website



Click the Integrations tab and click on Voyado

Enter the URL to your Voyado account and then enter the API key for this account.
If you haven't got an API key, please ask Voyado for this.

Click on Test connection to verify that everything is set up correctly.

Now click Save and close Website settings by clicking the x in the top right corner.


Now create your Popup/Survey project and add the input fields that you want. Make sure that the project is completely ready before proceeding.



Now click the dots on the Form widget and select Edit.



Click the Action tab and then click the dots on the default Action and choose Edit.

(if you don't have a default Action please click Add action)




1. Click Add response and then choose Send to Voyado in the dropdown.

2. Then map your input fields in your project to fields in Voyado. Use the dropdown to choose from default fields. If the field you are looking for does not exist among the choices you can manually type your Voyado field. Notice that this must match the field name in Voyado exactly.

(If you do not know what the field names in Voyado are please log in to your Voyado account or contact Voyado for help with this)

3. Enter the optional fields or leave them empty if these do not apply to your Voyado setup. You can also add more optional fields. To verify these two optional fields please click Test Voyado Integration after all fields have been mapped.

Notice that any added optional field won't be validated as Voyado currently does not offer that with their API.

4. When all is entered correctly click on Save changes. You are now ready to send Popup/Survey data to Voyado.


Notice that if you change the name for or add/remove input fields in your project you need to re-map these.









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