The new Symplify script

The new script has been totally rebuilt from scratch. The jQuery dependency is gone. The new script is built with javascript and supports all modern browsers.

The new script is module based, so only the modules that you have active projects for will be loaded in your end-users browser.

The Audience- and Goals UI has got a well-deserved facelift but has also been rebuilt under the hood. Goals are now as advanced as Audience.

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Improved site-speed

The new script, which is built in pure javascript, is also module-based. This means that only the modules you use are loaded in the visitor's browser. This improves site speed. Additionally, jQuery can be disabled for further optimization.


Work more efficiently

We have made it possible to save Goals and Audiences as templates for easy reuse between all types of projects. This way, you don't have to recreate these for each project.


GA4 compatible

Our platform is compatible with Google Analytics 4.


Key features

  • The script is built in pure JavaScript 
  • Module-based - It only loads the modules you actually use
  • jQuery dependency is removed (option to add jQuery)
  • New Audience Builder
  • Goals are now as advanced as Audience
  • Save Audience/goal templates for easy re-use
  • Activate/deactivate GA integration per website/project
  • Support for GA4
  • Server-side testing 2.0
  • Support for Popups/Surveys 2.0

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Popup/surveys 2.0


The popup/survey editor has been totally rebuilt. Build your popup/surveys fast with a simple click and add. All widgets have numerous settings for easy customization. The new editor now also supports multi-step surveys with conditional logic.



Avoid coding and development teams

Just click and add to create your popup in minutes. No coding skills are required.



If you do not want to start from scratch you can load one of our templates and adapt that to your needs. You can also save your own templates for easy re-use.

Key features

  • More intuitive Popup/Survey builder
  • Multi-step forms with conditional logic
  • Show an optional teaser before the main popup
  • More placement options for Popup/Survey
  • More options for how the Popup/Survey should appear
  • Customize function and design based on the device
  • Save and reuse templates

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