The Symplify platform

Symplify is the Engagement Ecosystem that enables you to interpret and act on every single signal your customer gives you.


Marketing automation (MA) enables you  to create real-time journeys and life-cycles for your players in more than ten channels and with features perfectly tailored for timing and effect.


The “all in one prediction, analytics and AI” platform with the capability of using artificial intelligence to predict a players engagement and behaviour, such as churn, LTV as well as providing recommendations to get the most out of your marketing activities.


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) enables you to optimise your website/app by performing onsite recommendations and A/B tests, visitor recordings as well as  understanding visitor behaviour through heat maps and pop-ups.


Detailed and accessible reporting at your fingertips. Create dashboards from multiple data sources mapping out your key metrics. Understand your player base through RFM or draw conclusions based on your CPA. Engage and stay on target with key metrics.


With Symplify you can gain a fully editable version of your site or application, enabling you to completely tailor an individual digital experience. Build meaningful relationships with your customer from the very first visit or click.

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