Advanced Audience examples

Use different facts on different device types

Let's say you want to set different rules for desktop and mobile devices. To do this you need to set the different facts in their own If blocks. In the example below we have added two If blocks and then set the top If block to Match one of

Then we add the device facts to the separate If blocks and then the fact that differs for these. In this case, we have two different ways of monitoring for "Exit intent". As this fact only works on desktops we check for inactivity instead on tablet/mobile.

The statement below reads;
"If the device is mobile/tablet and the visitor is inactive for 10 seconds OR if the device is desktop and the visitor fulfills an exit intent (move the cursor outside the page)"
If any of those statements are true the Audience will be true and the visitor will be part of the project and be allocated a variation.

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