How to segment a project in GA4

Symplify automatically sends event information about which variation is shown for a visitor to your primary Google Analytics (GA) account already integrated on your website.

You can easily compare all KPIs in GA segmented on the project variations. To do this just follow the steps below for each project.

Note that there could be some delay for the data to appear in Google Analytics after we collected it. We recommend to set up the segments 1 day after the project has been paused to make sure all available data has been added to GA.



Click on Explore and then add a new Blank exploration.



Set the dates when the project was active and then click the plus icon under Segments.



Now click on User segments.




Click on Add new condition and then select Events and either search for your project variation or locate it to the right. You need to set these up one at a time. Don't forget to name your segments up at the top.


When all variations for the project are set up as segments you can continue to set up the exploration with the desired dimensions and metrics.



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